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DHCP Issue: MS PocketPC 2002 to Pix 501

Here is an issue encountered when using Pix 501 firewalls to protect an internal network from a WLAN. The WLAN is a number of hubbed Linksys WAP54G units. Mobile devices are Symbol 8146 PDTs running PocketPC 2002 - these have built-in 802.11b networking.

With early 501 units, running 6.1(2) software, DHCP on the Pix worked fine with the PDTs.

This year we received 501s loaded with 6.2(2) and although everything else works, DHCP no longer sends the granted address successfully to the PDT.

I am just about to try downgrading to 6.1(2) to make doubly sure but swapping indentically configured Pix boxes in a fixed configuration makes me quite confident of this observation.

I would also like to try the very latest revision of Pix software but so far cannot get access.

Anyone else found this? Any chance of Cisco letting me have 6.4(4) [=latest rev ?] to complete my checking?

Regards to all - Edwin Bolton

Community Member

Re: DHCP Issue: MS PocketPC 2002 to Pix 501

Follow-up: Downgrading to 6.1(2) resolved the issue. Upgrading again to 6.2(2) positively confirmed the issue to be with thios release of software. Upgrading to the latest revision available to me, 6.3(1) showed that this also worked OK.

Conclusion: Pix 501 with software 6.2(2) has a DHCP issue when used with PocketPC 2002 but not with other OSs. Because I have not checked with every other 6.2, it could conceivably occur with other 6.2 based versions.

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