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DHCP Issues with WAP321 and WAP1131AG

We have a couple of each of those AP's and a SonicWall TZ 100 providing DHCP. They all have the same SSID but are far enough apart that they don't see each other. They are all on the same network, which is on a VLAN through Cisco Catalyst Express 500's.


For some reason, sometimes, you cannot obtain an IP address. It will connect to our SSID (with a strong signal) and sit at the "obtaining IP address" and never obtain one. Although, sometimes it will after 10-20 minutes sitting like that. Other times you will get an IP right away and can browse the internet just fine.


However, if you assign your self a static IP (from the dynamic range as we have no static range on this network) you can then browse the internet just fine. Then, if you switch the NIC back to DHCP it will obtain an address from DHCP (not the same one you set as static) like it's supposed to.


If you 'forget' or delete the SSID and add it again you still have the same issue. Today we set up a brand new laptop out of the box, turned it on and it would never receive an IP, just sat there obtaining, until we added a static, checked to see if we could browse and then set it back to DHCP and boom, it worked.


This happens to laptops, phones and tablets of all kinds.


I have gone through logs, setting, etc on the firewall and AP's and I don't ever see any errors or alerts.


Where might I look for answers?



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I have the exact same problem

I have the exact same problem on my WAP371. Clients just don't get a DHCP address for several minutes and frequently lose just LAN connectivity (but are still associated). It's like traffic from the switch just doesn't pass through. If I set a static IP on the clients I can open the WAP371's management address fine, but can't access anything on the LAN. After a few seconds or minutes they obtain a DHCP address and can access the LAN again.

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