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DHCP on the controller

I have 2 WiSM modules or the equivilent of 4 controllers. For my guest wireless network, I have created a DHCP scope on one of the controllers and am pointing the other three controllers to the controller with the DHCP scope.

So simply, I have WLC1-4. WLC1 ( has a DHCP scope built on it, and in the Interfaces tab of WLC2, WLC3, and WLC4, I have the Primary DHCP Server set to

Does anyone see any issues with this? I am running into an issue where some clients are not able to get a DHCP address. It seems to be random and on every controller but WLC1.

Thanks in advance for the help.


Re: DHCP on the controller

The Cisco Airespace controllers (regardless of model) DO NOT reliably support DHCP server functionality to remote DHCP relay servers. This would apply to switches with 'ip helper-address', routers doing DHCP relay, or Airespace controllers. I'm sure that this is not at all TAC supported.

Why don't all four controllers use a central Microsoft DHCP server (please use 2003 server only)?

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Re: DHCP on the controller

Great! Thanks for the info. I actually could do DHCP for the guest network on the 3560 that connects those WiSM's together. Being that it is a guest network, I'm trying to minimize any devices other than the WiSM, the switch and the DSL modem.

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Re: DHCP on the controller

Hi, I have the same setup at my customer place. I am facing issue but not same as you were facing. At least your guest users were able to get IPs but in my case when I point my three controllers guest user to get IP from primary controller internal DHCP scope, client does not get IPs, so what I did I created the same DHCP scope on all controllers & pointing dhcp server to each controllers management interface mean controller-1 guest interface dhcp is point to controller-1 management interface, i did the same for rest of the controller. clients are getting IPs now but my worry is about duplicate IPs. as i have same scope configured on each controllers which are in same mobility group.

Do you have any clue on this. How the controllers will react in same mobility group if they have same DHCP scope configured on each controller.

as for as my knowledge once dhcp scope shud work for all users cas controllers are in same mobility group so that must be talking each other for DHCP also.

Note: I dont have option to use Switch or win2k3 as DHCP server.

I am not sure..can any one help.


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