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DNS on AP through WLC

Hi all,

i have two WLC configured in my network and almost 300 AP. The APs are configured in DHCP in the same VLAN of WLC with (IP, subnet, GW, domain name and DNS) and i would like to reach the APs through Hostname, is it possible? Is there same way to insert the AP automatically in the DNS without insert manually an entry for each AP?




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Since APs are getting DHCP

Since APs are getting DHCP IPs it is not guaranteed it will keep same IP always ( after a power outage,etc).  Unless you bind IP to each AP, it is very difficult to manage them in this way.

What is the logic behind accessing AP through its hostname ? Unless you want to do some troubleshooting, you do not want to log into AP managed by a WLC 



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Hi Rasika,i would like to

Hi Rasika,

i would like to reach the AP through Hostname in order to monitoring them in SolarWinds Orion because every time that the AP reboot, became unreachable cause he change the IP.




I would suggest you have a 

I would suggest you have a  look at IPAM module for Solar wind and windows  but there is no direct integration between the two unless you reserver the IPs for know devices that is the only option left for you or you can increase the lease time.

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What you are trying to do

What you are trying to do doesn't make any sense.  


If you want to verify the APs once they've rebooted or powered up, just go to the WLC.  That is what the WLCs are there for.  


To go and telnet/SSH into your AP everytime they've rebooted and/or powered up adds an extra layer of unwanted "management" and also runs the risk of security issues just by enabling telnet and/or SSH.  

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wlc should have the ap up

wlc should have the ap up/down trap info, when enabled. it is not required to monitor the individual ap.  

Automatically DNS entry is

Automatically DNS entry is not possible :

just an example: Configuring DNS


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