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Does changing RRM DCA reload radios?


It appears that in LWAPP changing the power levels on APs causes their radios to reload. This was not the case with IOS APs.

Does anyone know whether modifying RRM DCA (from Auto to On-Demand via WCS Radio Parameters template, holding power level constant, DTPC off) cause an interruption in service?

Should I expect that DCA will run one more time even though its already been running Auto?


New Member

Re: Does changing RRM DCA reload radios?

- Changing the power levels via WLC's GUI does not cause AP reload nor noticeable interruption. Changing via CLI or WCS does require the radio to be disabled first, but still does not cause a full AP reload. Just curious, what indications do you see that AP's are rebooting?

- Modifying DTPC causes radios to be turned-off to make the change but not the AP to reload.

- Turning DCA to On-Demand does not even cause any Group updates to be initiated. You have to invoke channel update manually to expect DCA then.



Re: Does changing RRM DCA reload radios?

Thanks Rupert,

I only meant the radios, not the APs themselves, will reload (reset) with a power level change VIA the WCS template.

Are you saying the radios *will not* go down/up if global/individual power changes are done from the WLC GUI?

I have 14 controllers I want to make this change to (DCA to On-Demand via the radio parameter controller template). I have seen that if I include a power change in this template the radios will go down/up, and result in packet loss (approx. 9 PINGs, in this case due to the client going to the A-side after a B-side change). I imagine the loss would be the same with only one radio (i.e. 1231G APs).

If I only modify the DCA element (to On-Demand) within the radio parameter controller template, can I expect power level changes will *not* occur?

Thanks again,

New Member

Re: Does changing RRM DCA reload radios?

Expect the controller's 802.11bg network to be disabled, changes made, and 802.11bg network re-enabled - this actually means that the radios will be turned off, changes applied, and come back on.

If I were in your shoes, and connectivity is crucial, I would notify key users and schedule a change-control during least-used window even though the disruption is minimal.


Re: Does changing RRM DCA reload radios?

Thanks Rupert,

Sound advice indeed. I double checked and it does bring the radios down/up with/without power changes.


--Bruce Johnson

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