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Does the 2504 WLC DHCP perform NAT?

I have the DHCP feature turned on and running on my 2504 Wireless Controller.

It works very well.

Out of the /24 subnet, the WLC issues most of the addresses to WL Clients, while other devices have address statically assigned.

Our wireless network has grown by leeps and bounds...crazy fast.

So much that I have more devices contected via wireless than I have IP addresses that can be issued from the WLC's DHCP service.

I need to increase the subnet, but that would envolve readdressing a handful the statically address devices.

Readdressing those devices would be very painful.

Readdressing would break static routes and firewall rules.

What I am writing to ask does/can the WLC do any type of NAT?

What would be super easy for me escape this problem would be to key in a new address range in the WLC DHCP Service...

...let the WLC NAT this new subnet to the old subnet...done!

I know, I know, I am wanting to treat the WLC like a $1.99 residential broadband device...

Can I NAT one subnet behind the WLC to another subnet?


Any comments, suggestions, opinions and flames are welcome!

Bryan Smith


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No, WLCs do not support NAT.

No, WLCs do not support NAT. It is a simply L2 device

You can use "interface group" feature where you can map multiple dynamic interfaces to single WLAN. In this way you do not want to re-address or increase the current subnet size.Still you can increase the capacity of current wireless SSID.




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Hi,WLC do not support NAT, to


WLC do not support NAT, to extend the subnet in your case, yes Manannalage is right you can use interface group feature, check the below link for configuration guide

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