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Dual 5508 controllers ?

I currently have 1 5508 WLC running in prod that has a 25 AP license. Unfort wireless access has really caught on in the company

and I am now at my max for AP's but I need more.

After suffering a mild stroke from the sticker shock of the 50 ap license upgrade, I also have a 5508 WLC in my testing environment that

came with a 25 AP license.

Am I able to run both in prod at the same time ? So half of my AP's connect to one controller and the other half to the 2nd WLC ?

Looking for some design advice if I need to run them both. What options to I have ?



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Dual 5508 controllers ?

Dave, you certainly can run them side by side.

You can create a mobility group and put them both into it and users will be able to roam seamlessly between AP's connected on either controller. 

Just make sure that you also configure the same WLANs and VLANs on them.

Here's the configuration guide:

Re: Dual 5508 controllers ?


As Michael said, you can do that.

Create same SSIDs on both WLCs with same security method and security keys (if any), same VLAN, same DHCP scope...etc.

use same mobility gropu name and same RF gropu name.

This way you can have client moving among APs on different controllers smoothly (keeping in mind that RF enviornment and cell adjacency correctly met).

If you need any assistance with this just use family friend GOOGLE

search for "cisco wireless controller rf gropus" for example to check how to configure them.

Good luck.


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