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Dynamic VLAN assignment issue with ACS & WLC

I have configured an ACS (v4.2) & a WLC 4402 ( according to the document listed at:

When I attempt to authenticate a user in the ACS local user database, I receive an auth failure.  I have enabled debugging in the WLC's CLI and I see that I get an authentication failure from the ACS.  Upon reviewing the ACS's 'failed attempts' log, I see the username I attempt to authenticare with but it reports 'CN user unknown' even though this user is the local database.

During troubleshooting, I discovered that if I modify the AAA client for the WLC and change it to 'Cisco Aironet' rather than 'Cisco Airespace', authentication works perfectly, the proper user is authenticated to the local database and I am able to connect to the SSID.  The only issue is that because I'm now using Aironet instead of Airespace, the IETF attributes 064, 065, and 081 (VLAN, 802, and the VLAN ID respectively) do not properly assign the VLAN that the user needs to be on.

Am I missing something?


Re: Dynamic VLAN assignment issue with ACS & WLC

Typically you would select Cisco Aironet regardless of which type of Cisco Wireless you are using.  The Airespace is there more for the older controllers.  Dynamic VLAN assignment should work with Cisco Aironet, I have set it up many times.  Do you have AAA Override enabled on the WLAN?  You could use "debug dot1x all enable" on the controller to make sure the AVP's are being sent down to the controller correctly.  They should show up in the debug shortly after the Access Accept.

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Re: Dynamic VLAN assignment issue with ACS & WLC

I determined that a NAP was blocking my authentication using Airespace and can successfully authenticate with both Aironet and Airespace now.  I also reviewed the debug output of both types of connections and I can see the proper attributes coming through, but the wireless clients just won't assign to the right VLAN interface.

I've reviewed all of the configuration settings per the document about 40 or 50 times now and I am certain I'm not missing anything.  I do indeed have override enabled but the configured interface 'management' is still the one the user is assigned to every time, even in the client connection details under the monitor tab.  ARGH!!

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