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EAP-FAST certificate authentication


 I have implemented & configured WLC for EAP-FAST certificate authentication.I have CA on windows 2008 server. When i request to generate user certificate on to CA server from IE9 i get option page "Create and submit a request to this CA." but when i access this from IE10or11 or from firefox, safari then this page dosnt display and it gets bypass.

I am facing problem to generate user certificate from iMac(safari).




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Hello..I have gone through


I have gone through this doc and i already have setup WLC and windows client are getting successfully authenticate through certificate.

But i have some iMac user too and when i try to access CA through safari,firefox then i dont find the page of "Create and submit a request to this CA." so how could i install user certificate.

Since internet explorer browser can not run on iMac machines so how could i install user certificate using safari or firefox browser. OR is there any other method which work for iMac machines.

Pls help.

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 Hi All.. Pls help me here, i

 Hi All..

 Pls help me here, i am not able to connect wireless on iMac client using EAP-FAST certificate authentication. Although on windows systems its working perfectly. I am running wireless controller in my network.

Pls tell me how could i connect on iMac.

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Hicheck this link and server


check this link and server setup for PAC file


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  Hi..This document is not



This document is not very helpful, pls share another one showing EAP-FAST authentication on iMac client.


its more or less an apple

its more or less a apple issue i would suggest the you use the apple community for this issue how ever check the given links

hope these links are helpful

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