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EAP-FAST with ACS3.3 - authentication not working

Hello - I have recently configured my 1231 AP (12.3.8JA) to perform authentication using EAP and WPA. I configured my Cisco ADU using a CB21AG card to do EAP-FAST and WPA with auto provisioning enabled. I also followed the Cisco config guide 100%. The ACS server is getting the MAC address of my wireless client as the username so the authentication was failing.

I created a username with my mac address to see what would happen, and then the authentication started working.

I changed the password on my real username account to see what ACS was getting, and it was getting my real usnername (bkachel). I corrected the password in the ADU and all was working well.

I then disabled the MAC address account I created in ACS and now the authentication is failing again.

Why would ACS be getting the MAC address as the username, and is it dependant on that?

I don't want to have to create 100's of usernames by inventorying wireless cards and entering them.


Re: EAP-FAST with ACS3.3 - authentication not working

For EAP FAST to work you need to have PAC. How did you generate the PAC? Did you use the ACS server or did you generate the PAC manually. For information on configuring EAP FAST using a local authenticator read

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