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Enterprise wireless connectivity issue

I want to configure wireless connectivity such in such a way that when users logon by own credential they should have Microsoft Outlook + share network drive and other domain policy must be assign. The user can access resources as if the user is using workstation in local LAN. The goal of the design is the achieve the same way by wireless connectivity.

I am having difficulty with my design because via wireless connection, the user cannot log in using their credentials because the wireless connectivity cannot bind with the domain server, therefore the user's profile cannot be created via wireless unless the user first logs in via wired and after log in via wireless . I have even used CSSC utility in my implementation and still no success.

Any suggestions will be appreciated


Re: Enterprise wireless connectivity issue

What kind of wireless authentication?

You are correct, if your computer isn't talking to the domain when your user logs in, then mapped drives and domain resources are not going to be there in the beginning.

If you are doing some form of 802.1x authentication, the typical design involes using something called "machine authentication", where the machine authenticates with the wireless not the user.

I'm not sure what all wireless supplicants support this though.

I am under the impression that if you use Windows Wireless Zero Config with WPA-PSK, that Windows is supposed to be able to connect to wireless before I user logs in. But I haven't ever tested.

Machine Authentication would be for 802.1x/EAP to AAA authentication.

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Re: Enterprise wireless connectivity issue

I am using PEAP authenitcation method and I am also using the 802.1X and WPA authenication on my WLC for my WLANs.

I have already tried out the machine authentication with enabling the windows zero config with WPA-PSK and it does not work,it did not resolves my issue. Thanks for your suggestion due..

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