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Error when installing webauth certificate virtual wireless LAN controller

Hi there

I am having issues installing web auth certificate for our virtual wirelesss LAN controller. 

I am issuing a certificate from our own PKI in following format

device cert for WLC > Intermediate > our root cert. 

I have followed the discussion here

and the document here


However I am still getting the following errors 

*sshpmLscTask: Jun 30 17:18:26.443: sshpmLscTask: LSC Task received a message 4 
*TransferTask: Jun 30 17:18:28.785: Memory overcommit policy changed from 0 to 1

*TransferTask: Jun 30 17:18:28.785: RESULT_STRING: FTP Webauth cert transfer starting.

*TransferTask: Jun 30 17:18:28.785: RESULT_CODE:1

FTP Webauth cert transfer starting.
*TransferTask: Jun 30 17:18:33.154: ftp operation returns 0

*TransferTask: Jun 30 17:18:33.154: RESULT_STRING: FTP receive complete... Installing Certificate.

FTP receive complete... Installing Certificate.
*TransferTask: Jun 30 17:18:33.154: RESULT_CODE:13

*TransferTask: Jun 30 17:18:37.159: Adding cert (8217 bytes) with certificate key password.

*TransferTask: Jun 30 17:18:37.169: sshpmCheckWebauthCert: Verification return code: 1

*TransferTask: Jun 30 17:18:37.169: Verification result text: ok

*TransferTask: Jun 30 17:18:37.171: sshpmAddWebauthCert: Extracting private key from webauth cert and using bundled pkcs12 password.

*TransferTask: Jun 30 17:18:37.361: sshpmDecodePrivateKey: calling ssh_skb_decode()...

*TransferTask: Jun 30 17:18:37.493: sshpmDecodePrivateKey: SshPrivateKeyPtr after skb_decode: 0x2aaaacb51628

*TransferTask: Jun 30 17:18:37.493: sshpmAddWebauthCert: got private key; extracting certificate...

*TransferTask: Jun 30 17:18:37.494: sshpmAddWebauthCert: extracted binary cert; doing x509 decode

*TransferTask: Jun 30 17:18:37.494: sshpmAddWebauthCert: doing x509 decode for 1594 byte certificate...

*TransferTask: Jun 30 17:18:37.494: sshpmAddWebauthCert: failed to validate certificate...

*TransferTask: Jun 30 17:18:37.494: RESULT_STRING: Error installing certificate.

*TransferTask: Jun 30 17:18:37.495: RESULT_CODE:12

*TransferTask: Jun 30 17:18:37.495: Memory overcommit policy restored from 1 to 0

Error installing certificate.

Any help is much appreciated

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Similar issue:https:/

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Hi Mohanak Thank you for the

Hi Mohanak 

Thank you for the link unfortunately that is one of the links I have also read and followed by changing order of my certs in my PEM  from device cert > intermediate > root  to intermediate > device > root

This did not work

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