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Extremely high ping times only fixed via restart

I have 2 BR350 in bridge to a remote tower that has an AP350 providing access to customers. The customers will call in with complaints of very slow access. I have been onsite to see that a user can login to the AP350(web) fine but the BR350 at the tower is slow and the BR350 at the far tower is for most purposes dead. The link still shows up around 65% to 75% signal strength. By restarting either BR350 the link will come back fine. I have been using Ping Plotter to keep track of the ping times and see that the response times sometime slow grow or instantly grow to around 2000ms to 4000ms. Ping times from the customer to the AP350 on the tower remain below 10ms during all of this.

I have had a similar problem with an AP350 in another city thats ping time do the same thing and require a reboot. It's ping time from the client side can range form 4ms to 800ms on regular usage as well. This customer has an average of 80% signal strength from the Workgroup Bridge.

How can I find out what is causing that strange high ping time on these situations.

All units running firmware 12.00

Thanks for the help.



Re: Extremely high ping times only fixed via restart

Normally ,the first thing to do is to check the software version used. Here,in your case you are using the latest software release(12.00T). So now the problem can be isolated to other issues. Bridge software provides tools to show you the types of problems and where the bridge is encountering the problems. Two of the most helpful tools are the Throughput statistics and the Error statistics screen.You can get the procedure for collecting the error statistics using the following URLs:

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