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Factory reset for AIR-AP-1231G-E-K9

Anyone know how to reset a 1231?  I do not have the model handy it is located at another site and we do not use these models regularly.  I have searched online and did not happen to find any information on reseting this particular model. Thanks


Re: Factory reset for AIR-AP-1231G-E-K9

If you have access to the CLI just do a write erase.  If not you could do a mode button reset.

Remove the power from the AP.

Press and hold down the mode button

Power up the AP

When the status LED goes red release the mode button

New Member

Re: Factory reset for AIR-AP-1231G-E-K9

we do not have CLI access it is looking for a password so we do need to do a factory

reset.  According to the site contact there is no reset or mode button on this model. If there is one could anyone point to

where it might be located since it may have been overlooked. Thanks


Re: Factory reset for AIR-AP-1231G-E-K9

The mode button is right beside the console port on the AP.

Unfortunately if you lost the password the only way to recover the AP is by defaulting it.

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