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Frequently changing Tx Power, Coverage Holes, etc


I am noticing several hits on the Trap Logs for my 4404 WLCs, version

I know that with auto RF turned on that the AP's will automatically adjust power accordingly to get the best result according to the threshold configuration, but how often would it be expected to happen with 129 APs?

According to the logs this happens 1-2 times every couple minutes on different APs, some of them are repeatedly swapping between 1,2 and 3 for the power level throughout the day. I guess I just want to know if this is normal behavior or not.

Also there are the occasional coverage holes appearing on the APs that are adjusting power, as well as Interference and Noise profile failures.

I started noticing these pretty much right after the upgrade to this version about a month ago.

Any info is appreciated, thanks!


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Re: Frequently changing Tx Power, Coverage Holes, etc

It's been several months now and I am unfortunately still having these issues with no sign of a resolution.

Does anyone know the causes of all this? What can I do to try and isolate the issue without taking down any Access Points?

To add on to the original problem: Now that the school year has started the frequency of these holes has increased dramatically (I work at a university campus).

The holes seem to originate from clients that are either leaving campus or just at the edge of an AP's signal range, as the signal strength is -70 or lower roughly 80% of the time.

My current coverage hole threshold is set to 25%. I know ideally I can change the threshold to get fewer alerts but I would rather try and gather info on what is actually happening first.

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