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Guest Portal Access using ISE

I’m having an issue setting up the Guest Port Access for our wireless network.

I’m trying to setup an SSID anchored in the DMZ for internet access only. The authentication to this would be granted via the ISE Guest Access Portal.

I’ve got the SSID created and tested working with no authentication.

When I enable the Guest Portal (per these instructions, I can login and create a guest account. Have the guest go to the portal, login, hit ‘I accept’, but then instead of redirecting them to whatever page they tried to access, it sends them back to the guest login page (with still no access to the network resources).

Am I missing a simple setting somewhere? Please let me know if this should be reposted in the security/ISE forum instead of here.



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Re: Guest Portal Access using ISE

Attached is what the log in ISE looks like.

tlaptop1 is the guest login that I used for the test machine.  Again, it accepted that login with no issue giving me the usage policy and once I hit 'I agree', it stalls and I get all the failures as I've shown here.

Please ignore the red lines - those are not applicable to this issue.

Thanks again!

Guest Portal Access using ISE


The ISE forum is here:



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Guest Portal Access using ISE

Is this related?




The Message-Authenticator RADIUS attribute is invalid.

A RADIUS packet having an invalid Message-Authenticator attribute has been received. Make sure that the client device is compatible with AD Agent, has been configured properly, and is functioning properly. Make sure that the same RADIUS shared secret has been properly configured, both in the client device and in AD Agent.


Rating useful replies is more useful than saying "Thank you"
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Guest Portal Access using ISE

Thanks, Amjad.

I'm not sure if that's related - I saw it when searching around ealier but since all the authentication is local to the ISE box for this, I'm not sure it applies?

I reposted in the ISE forum  -

We can close this thread if needed.

Thank you.


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