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How do I set up a WLC module for picocell to work with my 4402 WLC?

I have a two floor building that currently has 9 x 1131AG access points (36 total APs on campus). Soon, there will be over 250 laptops all accessing the wireless, potentially at the same time in this building.
To accommodate this, I would like to install another 10 access points (1140s or 1131s, depending on budget) but I am concerned about cross channel interference and believe Picocell is the way to go.
All laptops joining in that building have a compatable wireless adapter.

Can I have a 4402 WLC and a NME-Air-WLC25-K9 module controller working together if the module controller is configured for picocell?

It is very hard to find information on configuring picocell (other than not to do it), can someone point me in the direction to a useful resource?

Is there an alternative to solving a high density problem like this?


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