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How do you know if an AccessPoint is down from the Cisco Prime 1.3


We have a couple of AP with model AIR-LAP1262N-N-K9 associated with a WLC.

Whenever an AP is powered down, I can see the it get disassociated from the WLC and the Radio Oper status shows "Down". This does not distinguish if the AccessPoint is powerered off or the Radio is disabled.

How do you know if the access point is down?



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Hi Sandeep,If AP is

Hi Sandeep,

If AP is disconnected from WLC or down then it will also show on PI.


Go to PI GUI then click on Monitor > Access Points there you can see the status down of the AP.

Or you can also check in Configure > Access Point , here you will see the Oper status/Admin Staus down.



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Thanks for the response.Are

Thanks for the response.

Are you referrring to the "Admin Status", this is always "Enabled" even when the AccessPoint is powered down. There is also the "Oper Status" which shows as "Down"  but this is relation to the Radio, doesnt neccessarily mean the AccessPoint, right?


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The icons indicate the

The icons indicate the present status of an access point.


The green icon indicates an access point (AP) with no faults. The top half of the circle represents the optional 802.11a Cisco Radio. The bottom half of the circle represents the state of the 802.11b/g Cisco Radio.



The dimmed icon with no question mark in the middle represents an unassociated access point.

Go through the document for more information.

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