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How to configure WPA2-PSK on C871W

Hi there,

I am a little challenged to configure WPA2 with PSK on a c871W. I searched through Ciscos documentation but only found topics about WPA. So could you please advice me how to activate WPA2 (w/AES) on a 871W box?

Thank you....Andy

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Re: How to configure WPA2-PSK on C871W

You're not getting any options to configure it w/ question marks?

If that's the case, you'll need to check your IOS version.

Some 871W IOS versions don't support it.


Re: How to configure WPA2-PSK on C871W

I have an 871W running 12.4(4)T8 w/ Advanced IP Services. I've never seen an option for WPA2/AES either, just WPA/TKIP. If you look in software advisor, there's an entry for WPA but nothing about WPA2.

This lead me to believe it's a platform limitation, however the datasheet does mention WPA2:

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Re: How to configure WPA2-PSK on C871W

Feature Navigator does show WPA2 support for the 871W, 12.4(15)T1 (Adv IP Services or Adv Security) being the latest. It looks like support was first in 12.4(11).

You can check quickly in CLI on the radio interface see what ciphers are supported -

interface dot11 0

encryption mode cipher ?

you should see 'aes-ccm (WPA AES CCMP)'.

Or via the web interface it is under Security, Encryption Manager, you should see 'AES CCMP' as a cipher option.

For questions about what feature is supported I will start with Feature Navigator (

I hope that helps

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