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How to determine PSK on WLAN?

Basically I have been asked to manage a system pre-configured because the person who managed it left.

We have a Voice WLAN setup and obviously security has been setup on it as well.

Is there a way to find out what they PSK is for that WLAN without resetting it to something new?

Since we are using the wireless 802.11b phones, is it in the phone template maybe? I can't seem to figure it out.....

No one seems to have documented it nor does anyone have a clue as to what it could be either.




Re: How to determine PSK on WLAN?

No. There isn't, unless you hack it out from one of the WEP crackers.

It is a fairly strong convention that passwords / security phrases are not displayed in plain text, ever.

If the PSK is not documented (and you don't know it) your only option is to change it to something you know (and will document, right?) or hack it out .. which should be easy enough with the variety of tools available (ala WEPcrack).

Good Luck


New Member

Re: How to determine PSK on WLAN?

Well, that was what I was afraid of..... Thanks for the info anyway! The system is actually using WPA1 & WPA2 (TKIP) for the Voice WLAN. I imagine that would mean I am really in bad shape of trying to figure it out then given WEP is easier to crack. Ugh!

Well, I am gonna change it and YES document it! Ha Ha!




Re: How to determine PSK on WLAN?

Yep, sounds like you're hosed.

Any chance of finding the original configurer ( not a word, I know , I know ...) and beat it out of them?

Call the integrator and {ask them | threaten to sue them}? That *is* the kind of information they would likely keep, if only to make their future service easier.

With WEP, you had a shot, with WPA your only bet is calling the NSA and see if they can give it to you (Uncle Sam has *all* the keys ;-) )

Oh well, good luck, Happy Thanksgiving (or "just another pleasant Thursday" if you're not USA)


New Member

Re: How to determine PSK on WLAN?

Ha Ha! Yeah I am going to try to get a hold of the person who did this and if I have to beat it out of them... Ha Ha! :) Great Idea! I knew the Cisco forums contained helpful info.... Ha Ha!

Have a great Thanksgiving as well! I will be eating lots of Turkey and watching football I hope!

Thanks again,


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