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How to move a 3502i from one 5508 controller to a new one?

We have two 5508's. One (5508-1) is on 162.x.x.x network; the other (5508-2) is on 10.x.x.x network (vlan 8).

If I unbox a 3602E, plug it into a switchport that's configured for vlan 8, it will find 5508-2, download the correct firmware (, reboot, join the controller, and hand out the correct IP's to clients that connect.

I have several 3502i's joined to 5508-1, running that I now want to join to 5508-2. 

So I change the switchport (that a currently joined 3502 is plugged into) to vlan 8 and reboot the AP.  The AP boots back up, rejoins 5508-1, but get's a 10.x.x.x IP address. Yet it hands out 162.x.x.x addresses. It won't join 5508-2...but it shows up on 5508-2 as "not joined".

I've done a factory reset on a 3502i and that changed found 5508-1 and joined it as above.

So how do I move AP's from 5508-1 to 5508-2?


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Once 3502i registered to 5508

Once 3502i registered to 5508-1, you can go to that AP & change the HA parameter of that AP as shown below pointing to 5508-2 as primary controllers.




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I forgot to mention that I'd

I forgot to mention that I'd done that. On 5508-1, for that AP, I set 5508-2 and 10.x.x.x in the HA tab as you suggested. I also unchecked "static ip" on the General tab so it would pickup a DHCP address.

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Do you have access to console

Do you have access to console of 3502i AP  or is that mounted somewhere ? If you have console access we can try few thing via AP CLI.

Normally if you configure the primary controller name & IP address AP HA tab, it should take precedence over any other fail over method. Are these controller in same mobility group ? In the old code they have to be in same mobility group (but latter code like 7.4 does not need this requirement)



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BTW, this ended up being a

BTW, this ended up being a routing issue, of all things! Got that cleared up, re-followed the steps I'd been doing, and the AP's started showing up on the new wlc and handing out the correct IP's to clients. 

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Hi,You can change the primary


You can change the primary and secondary controller name and ip address for specific Access Point.

Go to WIRELESS > ALL AP’s > Click on the AP name > High Availability and enter the anme and IP of the primary and secondary WLC.

Put primary WLC ip(5508-2) and secondary(5508-1)


More info, check this:



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Generally recommend having

Generally recommend having both WLC online and using the mobility group to move the AP, if you have mirrored T&E config exactly including mgmt IP address it should be fine.


As for the AP, they store their config locally so they will maintain their name and other settings during the swap out.


Hi,As both of your WLC are


As both of your WLC are configured with different network, means the config on both the WLC are not similar so it is not seem HA senario, configure both the WLC with similar configuration and then in the All AP settings in HA tab mention primary 5508-2 and secodary 5508-1 and then connect.


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