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How to set up wireless WEP keys in GPO? - possible?


How to switch users from using Intel ProSet to manage their legacy SSID w/ WEP to using Windows Zero Config w/ both legacy & new SSID's automatically?


Some of our sites are still using WEP for wireless encryption (believe it or not) over 802.11b AP's.

We're in process of upgrading encryption from WEP to WPA2 & from 802.11b to 802.11a/g AP's.

One immediate challenge we have is how to keep both networks in parallel and make this transparent to the end users.

We can't cut all floors over at once, but need to do one floor at a time because users move from floor to floor.

We were able to roll out the new network / SSID in Windows Zero Config through GPO, but learned that we can't do the same for the legacy SSID - setting WEP keys isn't an option in GPO, at least according to the server admins.

Does any of you know how we can do this in an automatic & transparent fashion?

So far we've been using sneaker net to switch users from Intel to Windows, & configure WEP keys in Windows, which is taking up way too much time.


Re: How to set up wireless WEP keys in GPO? - possible?

There is no way of centrally managing static WEP keys, that's one of it's major flaws (right after rubbish security).

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Re: How to set up wireless WEP keys in GPO? - possible?

If you use a GPO to manage the wireless it will disable the intel proset software. This can have a negative impact, as you may have user that like to use the Proset when not in the office.

If you are going to use GPOs then the transition should be pretty smooth, just setup the new secure SSID first and then roll out the GPO. There are several M$ patches that you should install as well. Do a search for Microsoft Wireless hotfix and rollup and you will find them.

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