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HREAP AP SSID Broadcast when ethernet down


I've got a series of HREAP Configured AP's that are stationed on mobile carts. The AP's are powered by bricks located on the carts themselves. What I am seeing is that in cases where the cart is powered but there is no ethernet connection to the AP, the AP is still broadcasting the SSID and accepting clients -- this is obiously bad. Is there an easy way to make sure if the ethernet interface is down that we don't broadcast and accept clients?




Re: HREAP AP SSID Broadcast when ethernet down

I'm assuming when your ethernet port goes down that the AP's ethernet link still shows as up?  When I tested this in my lab if the AP's ethernet port went down/down the SSID was not being broadcast.  If the AP's ethernet port showed up the SSID was broadcast, even if there wasn't really a network connection.

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Re: HREAP AP SSID Broadcast when ethernet down

Is Broadcast SSID enabled?

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Re: HREAP AP SSID Broadcast when ethernet down

I must agree with Dan.... if the ethernet port is up the LAP doesn't know that there is no network and will still funtion as is.  Maybe the procedure to put away the carts should be to disconnect the AP from the brick and disconnect the brick from the wall jack.  No other way to do this this.

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