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IAS for MAC authentication

Does anyone have a step by step procedure on how to setup Windows IAS to authenticate MAC addresses for the 350, 1200, and 1300 AP?

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Re: IAS for MAC authentication

Mac-Auth with IAS works but is not scalable because of the number of required "remote access policies". Basically one remote access policy is required per MAC-Address.

Because the MAC-Address is not send in the RADIUS username attribute but in the RADIUS calling-station-id attribute, you need to match, in the remote access policy, the condition called "calling-station-id" and when that condition is matched, allow "unauthenticated access". This will do the trick.

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Re: IAS for MAC authentication

I'm trying to accomplish the same thing. I have the AP configured to query the IAS server to authenticate MAC addresses. I cant even seem to create a remote access policy that will allow this to happen. I had this all working perfectly on a trial version of Cisco's Secure ACS and figured it would be as easy as changing the Ip addresses of the radius server int he AP config and creating a user id for each MAC on the Microsoft server.

This obviously has not worked. if anyone can offer any king of help with this I'd be thankful.

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