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Idle Timeout causes Cisco PEAP Supplicant to fail, cannot reauthenticate

I am getting Microsoft application errors with svchost.exe, which is running the CiscoeapPEAP.dll supplicant v1.2

When the idle connection timeout calls for a reauthentication, the client gets the MS error, then the wireless icon in the task tray pops up asking for authentication credentials, I can enter the username and token code, but since the peap dll failed, I get stuck in an authentication loop. On top of that, I cannot remove the connection to the wireless network and retry without rebooting to get the peap supplicant to work.

I need to use PEAP with RSA one time use Token to ACS server for authentication. I am trying to avoid using odyssey client to save money. This is on an XP laptop with either Atheros or Broadcom wireless chip. I know the use of the ACU/Cisco Peap supplicant is undocumented and not supported, but it works in my main office with autonomous access points. I don't know if it is something to do with the WLC, but I am really stuck.

I want to exhaust all opportunities before I go and buy odyssey client.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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