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Intel Pro 2100 And Cisco LEAP

We have currently purchased a test laptop with the new intel 2100 card that "supports LEAP" Intel Is telling me that drivers must be obtained from Cisco. I have tried teh ACU which obviously does not work being it is not an aironet card. Anyone try this yet or figure it out? TAC is confused I am hoping someone has seen this before.

(the intel client has no LEAP selection either just open or shared key).


Re: Intel Pro 2100 And Cisco LEAP

LEAP is a Cisco proprietary protocol. So I think, in order to work with other cards you need to use other authentication protocols

such as PEAP,EAP-TLS or EAP-MD5.

Some useful information cane be found at :

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Re: Intel Pro 2100 And Cisco LEAP

Hello Brian,

Could you figure out why Intel is saying their adapter supports LEAP? I also have this adapter and wish to turn LEAP on.



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Re: Intel Pro 2100 And Cisco LEAP

I had the same problem. IBM sent me a "light" version of some software called AEGIS. It didn't work. I had to replace with Cisco cards in all 35 laptops. Thank you IBM


Re: Intel Pro 2100 And Cisco LEAP

IBM recently released a wi-fi software (for WPA) update for their Centrino Thinkpads (Intel 2100).

After installing the new driver software and a new version of Access Connections I was pleasantly suprise to find that we can now use Cisco LEAP with the Intel 2100.

Before the update, LEAP was unavailble on a TP unless you had a Cisco wi-fi model.

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Re: Intel Pro 2100 And Cisco LEAP

You need Intel PROSET 7.1 which comes with Intel Centrino Mobile Technology laptops. The laptop vendor should have this version of proset. When you install it choose Cisco Client extensions. This will give you more choices in the security screen. One of them will be LEAP. If you do not have a Centrino Mobile Technology laptop then you need to get the drivers from cisco. I recommend get the Centrino Mobile Technology laptop everything is intergrated.

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