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IOS on 350

Has anyone experienced any instability on Aironet 350s once they upgrade to IOS? I have users complaning, that are using remote desktop application in XP, being kicked off of the network when associated to this particular upgraded AP. AP worked fine when it had VxWorks software



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Re: IOS on 350

We have. I upgraded all my 350 access points (about 50) to IOS and I've had nothing but headaches. There seems to be a bug that shuts the ethernet interface on the APs and prevents clients from accessing the network. As of now, Cisco hasn't been able to find a solution to this problem.


Re: IOS on 350

we also have problems with converted 350's. Clients can associate and are authenticated.They are set by radius in the right vlan, but sometimes they can't get a ip-address by dhcp.

(We noticed that, when this happens, the time of the AP isn't synced anymore through NTP. When we disable and enable NTP it is synced again.)

Rebooting the AP seems to be the only solution.

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Re: IOS on 350

I noticed some of the same anomolies. Our 350's would suddenly be unreachable through snmp or web but would remain active/powered on at the switch. I noticed that when I staticly set the speed and duplex on the switch and the device this stopped. Autonegotiation with line power was the apparent problem on the 350's. I've never had that problem with 1200's though.

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