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IOS Upgrade - Controller hard down and flaking out another one

Yesterday, I was upgrading my 4th controller out of 4 which essentially has nothing on it. Opened a TAC Case about something else, and I decided to upgrade the firmware to 4.0.217 from 4.0.1xx? (don't remember this early). I decided to upgrade one as a test before I attempted the production controller.

Finally got TFTP working, software loaded, came to the save and reboot prompt, pressed that, and I haven't seen it since.

I cannot browse into it, however if I drive all the way to where it is, I can console into it and it appears to be there. I see the new firmware version etc.

The kicker is I cannot browse into my production controller either. The two in the middle are just fine. both affected controllers are on separate Wism's.

I was going to attempt a 'reset system' in the number 4 controller until I saw that it apparently jacked the one currently in use. I pray that nobody else has been through this but in the event that they have, short of issuing a change control, rebooting the controller, and hoping that they all come back...I would like to hear the outcome of anyone else's experience.

I'm about ready to pack this POS up and send it back. I have never seen this amount of problems introduced in an autonomous system. And if one of those does go bad - It doesn't take the whole network with it./rant


Re: IOS Upgrade - Controller hard down and flaking out another o

Update: The #1 controller works this morning.

#4 is still unable to browse, but it appears in the WLC and you can drill down in there.

However, it does say it is unreachable.


Re: IOS Upgrade - Controller hard down and flaking out another o

Update: At some point was able to ping #4 controller and telnet into it. Discovered that the Secure Web was enabled which effectively turns off http capability. This is apparently the default configuration. at this point I could ping and browse #1 controller until I rebooted the #4. Controllers are still up but they seem to need time to settle down (about 20 or 30 minutes) before you can get back into them again.

Have TAC case open to determine if this a bug or just a new 'feature'.


Re: IOS Upgrade - Controller hard down and flaking out another o

Hey John,

Appreciate your candid observations. I haven't had this issue going to 4.0.217 but wary of similar issues going to 4.1. right now I have a browse and telnet problem with one of my WiSM controllers. You'd think the module might inform the switch of an issue or that you could perform a diagnostic from the sup, but then it would have to be "unified" (what a joke).

Like you say its send a change control, reboot, wait awhile, repeat. Maybe the WiSMs need to be put included in long uptime reload procedures.