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Join response does not reach AP

This problem is also firewall and router/switch related, but the main problem is that the APs do not join.

I have lightweight access-points (LAPs) on a subnet behind a redundant routed firewall context on an FWSM in a 6509. This context has a DHCP relay configured.

The outside of the firewall is connected to the router (MSFC) through an interface vlan.

On that same chassis, a PIX525 is connected. Behind that PIX is the WLC and the DHCP-server.

When the LAP powers on, it does an DHCP request. The context relays it to the DHCP server, and the response is sent to the LAP. In that response is the IP-address of the WLC, which is on the same subnet as the DHCP server.

Next step is a join request to the controller (udp to WLC on port 12223).

When I use the capture facility on the firewall, I see the packet entering the inside interface, and leaving the outside on the FWSM. I do not see any responses.

Next I do the same on the PIX outside: there I see the requests to the WLC, but also the responses FROM the WLC. I do not see those responses on the OUTSIDE of the context of the FWSM!

I use the following ACL for capturing data:

access-list lwapp permit ip any host

access-list lwapp permit ip host any

capture wlc access-list lwapp interface outside

Where is the IP-address of the WLC

show capture wlc detail

gives me the packets i need to see.

On the inside of the context this gives me only join requests

On the outside of the context this gives me only the join requests

On the outside of the PIX this gives me bot the join request and the join response

The router does not have any ACL on both interfaces.

Next step is to put an ACL on the router interfaces:

access-list 100 permit ip host log

access-list 100 permit ip host log

access-list 100 permit ip any any

this access-list is put both in- and outgoing on the interface towards the PIX. I see both counters incrementing, and with 'show logging' I see both join request and join responses.

When I place this access-list on the interface towards the FWSM, I see the same.

My conclusion is therefore: the packets are leaving the interface towards the FWSM, but they do not arrive on the outside of the FW-context.

HOWEVER: I can access switches with SSH in the same subnet (they have their management IP in that same subnet).

From the WLC, I can ping the LAPs (there are 2 in that subnet at the moment).

Because the join response is not received, the LAPs are continuously rebooting (being reachable during 20-30 seconds), but during this interval, I can ping them from the WLC.

On the firewalls all needed protocols are allowed through.

Can anyone shed some light on this?



Community Member

Re: Join response does not reach AP

I found the issue, while sniffing the traffic on the LAP VLAN.

It appears the WLC is discovered using the management IP-address (43.10 in my case), but the join response is coming from the AP-manager IP address (43.25). That second address was blocked by the firewall, and once allowed, all worked like a charm.

It appears the capture option of the FWSM is not as reliable as a sniffer on a SPAN port (thank you, Mike!)


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