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LEAP and none LEAP devices

We have a customer with a large AP350 network that has LEAP enabled and won't permit none LEAP clients.

The problem is that they also want to use Spectralink Netlink phones. These phones (as far as I know) have no such capability and require the AP to allow association without all the security. The dilema is, to permit that, we have to effectively disable LEAP. Has anyone come up against the same problem? How have you resolved it? Many thanks, Mark.

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Re: LEAP and none LEAP devices

I have hit this issue with Symbol phones as well. You could look at using a PDA such as a Compaq iPAQ with the PCMCIA jacket, a Cisco Aironet NIC and IP Blue V!TGO softphone instead of the Symbol/Spectralink phone.

Because you are using a standard Aironet NIC you should be OK using LEAP/EAP.

Whne used with an earpiece the voice quality is as good as a Spectralink, and you can also use the iPAQ for Mail, calendar, etc as well.

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Re: LEAP and none LEAP devices

Mark,you can run the AP in open (allowing Leap/and non-Leap) and SpectraLink allows MAC tables. This is a temp solution until Leap worked out. Second, you will find in most business cases that the SpectraLink phones fit the solution (durability, design and cost).

Thanks, Mike

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Re: LEAP and none LEAP devices

If you let one device on the network without LEAP, you might as well let all of the devices not use LEAP. I concur with the CE device running a voice application as the best solution.

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