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Lightweight - associations - SNMP

I've not been able to find any OIDs on a controller to be able to tell what clients are associated to what APs in a lightweight system.

Anyone know if this is possible and if so what are they?



Re: Lightweight - associations - SNMP

show client summary

show client detail these commands show the details of the clients

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Re: Lightweight - associations - SNMP

Hi...maybe this would meet your needs?:


cDot11ClientConfigInfoEntry OBJECT-TYPE


INDEXES { ifIndex, cd11IfAuxSsid, cDot11ClientAddress }

DESCRIPTION "Each entry is the device specification of a client

of this device on the IEEE 802.11 radio interfaces.

Clients are grouped according to the SSIDs of the

interfaces they use for associations and the MAC

address of their parent devices if the clients are

repeat APs."

Re: Lightweight - associations - SNMP

not sure. snmpwalk returns end of mib (v1) or no such object available... (v2c) when run against a controller running the latest rev.

Perhaps that mib is for the aironet radios and not for the lwapp solution?

I have been digging around on the adventnet site for similar info. The WCS server is/was an adventnet product and is snmp based, so the values must be pulled from somewhere. Haven't had time to mull through the MIB files from Cisco

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Re: Lightweight - associations - SNMP

TAC pointed me to the Airespace mibs, which are under CCO within the wireless controller section (Cisco-WLC-MIBS).

Also, snmpwalk was not showing me the Airespace private vars until I specified to walk that section which is .

I did note that the bsnwras MIB tries to import what I assume is a now deprecated MIB (?) as I could not find any related info on it.



Re: Lightweight - associations - SNMP

after some digging, I found this:

it has entries for airspace among other devices as well


Re: Lightweight - associations - SNMP

Just to add to the previous posts, here is a great link for surfing down the MIB tree:

I found some good client info at:

Nothing was exactly what you needed, but you could probably assemble a script to merge several columns. .4 shows the MAC of the AP each client is on, but you would have to merge it with another oid such as .1, .2, or .3 to make the client info meaningful.

Oh, this is all in 3.x. I haven't confirmed the oids are the same in 4.x.


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