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Linksys PCI cards and WLC problems


I have Linksys WMP200 and WMP54G Wi-Fi PCI cards  installed on PC.

My infrastructure is WLC 2106 and two APs 1231G and one 1242G.

The problem is that the cards have problem with connection to WLAN.

The broadcast SSID must be enable then the cards connect to WLAN otherwise is a problem with connection.

When the card is connected but connection is unstable and poor.

The cards have the newest firmware installed.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem?


Cisco Employee

Re: Linksys PCI cards and WLC problems

Hi Kamil,

Have you associated other types of clients with these AP's?  If so, do they perform better?

You might want to start by checking the status of the poorly performing client on the controller while it's connected:

monitor -> clients

You'll primarily be interested in the RSSI and SNR. The other counters such as 'excessive retries' should be observed as well.

Also check the AP's radio interface stats.  Check for excessive interference or channel utilization.

This is a very helpful doc that you may want to check out:

Unified Wireless Network: Troubleshoot Client  Issues

Let us know if any of this helps.

Community Member

Re: Linksys PCI cards and WLC problems

Hi Jeff,

Thank's for your replay but the problem was more complex and to find the solution was not easy.

This wireless infrastructure is on two Cisco AP 1242G with one high gain omni-directional antenna for AP.

The AP is connected to Netgear switch and powered by it through PoE.

The problem is from poor power signal from switch to AP and also only one antenna.

We tested on two antenna 2.2dBi (ANT-4941) and signal was not bed but suddenly deteriorated.

Now I waiting to purchase a power supply to AP's.

Yes, I read this doc before I started testing.' Unified Wireless Network: Troubleshoot Client   Issues'


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