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location appliance tracking limit??


One question that I haven't found an answer for yet!

When the location appliance reaches the maximum number of tracking devices of 2500 what happens next???

It stops collecting information for new devices?

It deletes information for older devices hence allowing tracking of new devices?

Stops working all together??

It ??????

Thanks for any clarification.



Re: location appliance tracking limit??

Hi Jorge,

I am not sure if this would answer your query, but this is what I managed to find -

The location appliance can track up to 2,500 elements. You can track the following elements: client stations, active asset tags and rogue clients and access points.Updates on the locations of elements being tracked are provided to the location server from the Cisco wireless LAN controller.

Only those elements designated for tracking by the controller are viewable in Cisco WCS maps, queries and reports. No events and alarms are collected for non-tracked elements and they are not used in calculating the 2,500 element limit.

You can modify the following tracking parameters using Cisco WCS:

•Enable and disable which element locations (client stations, active asset tags; and rogue clients and access points) you actively track

•Set limits on how many of a specific element you want to track

You can set limits on how many of a specific element you wish to track. For example, given a limit of 2,500 trackable units, you could set a limit to track only 1,500 client stations. Once the tracking limit is met, the number of elements not being tracked is summarized on the Tracking Parameters page.

•Disable tracking and reporting of ad hoc rogue clients and access points

A major alert appears on the Advanced Parameter window if the tracked elements limit of 2,500 for the location server is reached.

In addition to this I found a resolved issue in release -

CSCse76683-Previous to this release, once the 2,500 limit of supported elements for the location appliance was met, no new location calculations were reported for any element beyond the 2,500 limit. Location calculations were reported once an element within the recognized 2,500 elements aged out. This condition occurred even when polling was turned "off."


The location calculation is not happenning for some of the elements. There are ERROR events saying 'Location limit hit, can not add any more location elements'. Even if the polling is turned OFF for the type of element that are too many, the location is not calculated for new elements.

-> Sushil

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