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Locking down Secure Services Client

I am evaluating CSSC and want to lock down the client so users can't disable the client, wireless, or add new networks. I currently do this with ADU but want something I can distribute settings easier. Everything else about CSSC has met my expectations except the locking down of settings.


Re: Locking down Secure Services Client

By selecting Configurable Client as the Client Type on the Station Policy, end users can define their own networks. Administrators can control the types of networks that the end user defines using the Network Policy, Wi-Fi Policy, and Authentication Policy categories. During the deployment, administrators define the "work" network and copy these files to the end users' workstations. As part of the client deployment, the access profile entitled "work" is automatically locked, and end users cannot modify them. Additionally, end users can create new networks within the policy boundaries set by the administrator.

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Re: Locking down Secure Services Client

Is "Configurable Client" a setting in the management program? Basically I want to setup the networks and users can't add, modify, or delete networks. Also I don't want them to disable the client or wi-fi radio which right now they can under settings in the clients.


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