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mac address filtering database

Hi :

Somebody could help me, l have implemented mac filtering auth on my wireless network, l have 2 WLC ( 1 WLC 5508 and 1 WLC 4402, and

I wonder if you can migrate the mac address database of a WLC to another and how can l do this.

One W

Thanks for your help.


mac address filtering database


You can "view" your macfilter list on the current WLC with

> show macfilter summary

You could then script out adding them to your WLC.

Also; and probably easier

>show run-config commands

Find the section that has your macfilter statements and copy them out and paste to the new WLC.

>show run-config commands

macfilter add XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX 0 management Test

From the config> prompt

config>macfilter add

Just paste in the list you have.

David W.

Re: mac address filtering database


Ur answer is great. Thank u.

I never needed to migrate Mac addresses but also never came to my mind the idea of show-run commands.

For the script thing, how can that be done?

Do u mea terminal program script? Or shell script?

If the latter I appreciate if u write very simple sample about how to do it.



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Re: mac address filtering database

Any method you want for scripting. You could use PHP and make a ssh connection to the WLC or you could simply copy paste all the commands into a notepad doc and then copy paste to the WLC. A bash script could be used as well.

The shell script isn't the hard part, google will help you there. The harder part is getting the data out of the WLC.

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Re: mac address filtering database


I understand some of what u say.

But if I am using windows for example or if I am doing sash from another Cisco device how can I employ the script?

If using Linux bash script will be very useful. Although not an expert, but I think she'd or awk will be very useful to extract the data. Right?

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