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MAC filtering problems with AP1231

I’m having trouble getting MAC filtering to work on my AP1231 (12.2(13)JA3). I created a new MAC filter listing my test PC card’s MAC address with the action set to “Forward” and the default action set to “Block All”. When I have the mask set to 0000.0000.0000, everything appears to work until the laptop is rebooted. After that it can no longer access the WLAN until is disable the incoming/outgoing MAC filter on the radio interface. I came across one installation guide (for the 12.2(8).JA release) that says the mask should be set to FFFF.FFFF.FFFF for the filter to require an exact match of the MAC, but when I try to enter FFFF.FFFF.FFFF I get an error message stating that it is an invalid mask and that the action cannot be applied to all MAC address.

Is there a new version of the install / config guide for 12.2(13)JA3?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: MAC filtering problems with AP1231


I'v the same error prompt pertaining to FFFF.FFFF.FFFF mask.

The release note said:

"In Cisco IOS Release 12.2(8)JA and later, the mask that you enter in the Mask field on the IP Filters page in the access point GUI behaves the same way as a mask that you enter in the CLI. If you enter as the mask, the access point accepts any IP address. If you enter, the access point looks for an exact match with the IP address that you entered in the IP Address field."

However, I'm not able to acheive desired out come of only allowing the specified mac address by applying only to "incoming" on the "Radio0". where should i apply the filter to ?

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