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MAC wireless Problem:Not getting DHCP IP Address (W Controllers are there)


I want to discuss the mac (apple) machines issue in my company.wireless Mac machines are not getting the DHCP IP address from the centralized windows DHCP Server through wireless controllers.

we have a couple of mac machines with the wireless and ethernet cards. The 2 wireless controllers 4402 have been deployed with approx 30 access points. The mac machines get the dhcp ip adress when it is using the ehternet card. while on the wireless it is not able to get the dhcp adress. The number of facts we got are listed below.

1) MAC wireless client is authenticated properly as seen through the ACS server. didnot got the ip even the dhcp renew requests been placed.

2) Given the different subnet static ip address on the mac machines, then remove the static ip adress and renew the dhcp ip again solves the problem. mac got the dhcp ip.(strange).

3) windows machines can got the dhcp IPs with wireless and ethernet cards.

4) when we have used the sniffer when mac tries to get IP address itself through dhcp and seen that the dhcp server is giving the ip address for that mac wireless client, 4 DCP packes(Discover, Offer, Request, Ack) are exchanged between the dcp server and the specific vlan IP Address but wireless mac machines did not got the dhcp address.

5) Given the different subnet static ip to the mac machine and request the renew dhcp ip adress solves the problem. the dhcp ip address from the required subnet is achieved. sniffer results are the same, 4 packets exchanged between the dhcp server and the specific vlan ip. but seems strange.

6) created the dhcp pool on the wireless controller, mac itself got the dhcp ip address. ( again strange)

The conclusion is when mac itself requests the dhcp ip,it didnot got. when we try to renew the dhcp ip, it dinot got. give the static ip first, remove that and renew the dhcp, it solves the probelm.

We need any suggestion and advice that can solve this issue. May be its the builtin problem with mac and wireless controllers.

if you have nay questions about the problem,please donot hesistate to reply this message. your immediate help to solve the problem is highly appriciated.




Re: MAC wireless Problem:Not getting DHCP IP Address (W Controll

Make sure you have a specific vlan interface configured with the ip address in its specific subnet and DHCP server configured. You should also associate the specific vlan interface to WLAN. Check if DHCP server is configured with address from specific range. On the client with windows machine check if DHCP client service is enabled.

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Re: MAC wireless Problem:Not getting DHCP IP Address (W Controll


As I have stated that its the problem with the Mac machines only and windows machines are working fine. so the WLAN is properly mapped to the vlan and all the other configuration is correct as it is supposed to be. I think there is something else with the PEAP authentication with the mac. A lot of people has the same issue with the PEAP authentication with mac. So please help us in this aspect.



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