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Malicious APs

hello everyone

in a Cisco WLc there is a option that you can configure. this option is called

Malicious APs.

what thus this option do. and how can i configure this correctly

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Malicious APs

Malicious AP is kind of classification for rogue devices.

Check the following link for more info:


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Re: Malicious APs

Malicious APs is a kind of classification for rogue APs. The rogue AP may be set as malicious manually or per a rule that you define on the WLC

This would possibly be useful to you :

Rule Based Rogue Classification Terminologies

With this new functionality, these new rogue AP types are introduced:

  • Malicious AP: A detected AP that matches user-defined Malicious rules or has been manually moved from Friendly APs.
  • Friendly AP: Existing known, Acknowledge, and Trust Missing Rogue states are classified as Friendly. In addition, detected APs that match user-defined Friendly rules are classified as Friendly. Friendly APs cannot be contained.
  • Unclassified AP: A detected AP that did not match the Malicious or Friendly rules. An Unclassified AP can be contained. An Unclassified AP can be manually moved to Friendly by the user. User-defined rules to automatically move Unclassified AP to Friendly or Malicious, for example, on detection, the SSID is empty. On the next rogue report, a SSID is found, and it turns out to be a user-configured SSID.


Hope this helps.


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Re: Malicious APs

Thanks that helpt allot

But is there a way that i can block these rogue ap's. And make sure that the can't send in to the network ??

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Re: Malicious APs


You specify Malicious Rogue AP's as part of classifications as the others have mentioned. Rogues are any 802.11 APs that are not part of your network. You can't just block these... That is why you can create these rules to classify these rogue APs. Take a look at the link that was posted earlier.

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