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Maximun WDS Clients


I've read in some Cisco document that you should not have more than 30 APs in the same WDS domain. I have over 100 APs in a campus wide installation that are all on the same management (native) vlan. So they are all in the same IP subnet. What's the best way to activate WDS on these APs?


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Re: Maximun WDS Clients

Bonjour M. Lapointe

So far, what I've understood of the WDS concept, is that a WDS is working at Layer 2, thus the necessity of having only one AP as a WDS link. When I tested them, all others you put on the same subnet, regardless of the priority, becomes "backup". I've experience that you can only use this feature, ONLY if you are using LEAP as an encryption mean.

We've tested PEAP (MSCHAPv2) and it works fine, until you turn on the WDS feature, only wanting to work in LEAP, disconnecting then all clients. Very annoying.

But the concept still is mystic, we've been on the case for the past 2 weeks, pas facile.


Bonne fin de journée


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Re: Maximun WDS Clients

I agree with you that the concept is not well defined. I think I've read all the documentations available about WDS and still have found more questions then answers. All paper from cisco always refer to the WDS documentations for more details but there I'm still searching it. I would realy like to have an in depth technical coverage of WDS.

I'm using LEAP so the FastRooming feature of WDS should help in my case but, for me, the main reason to use it is to enable the Radio Management feature of WLSE.

I'm still concerned about the fact of having a lots of APs on the same segment (VLANs) with WDS enabled.

Thanks anyway for your thoughts.

Merci et Bonne Journée aussi.


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