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Migrating PI


I am running Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0. Instead of just upgrading it to 2.1 I want to do a migration to a new, better, server.

My plan was this:

1. Install CPI 2.1 on the new server.

2. Migrate the application database from 2.0

But a question has come up:

Can I run them simultaneously? What will happen with the licenses? Can I only run my licenses on one server at the time?




New Member

Philip,Your plan will work


Your plan will work fine. You can export the existing config and import into the new instance.

Use license manager to transfer existing license(s) to the new server.

Actually, you can run them both simultaneously, but it doubles the load on the controllers, and

any changes you make to one will not propagate to the other. I ran 1.3 with 2.1 until I was satisfied

that 2.1 was stable. Licenses were not a problem.




Does a restore of the backup

Does a restore of the backup take long time? I my application backup is 10 GB. The restore on the new server has been saying "Transferring backup file" for 22 hours now, and I can't see that it is still reading from the SFTP server.

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I'm in the same boat and

I'm in the same boat and would like to skip the 22 hour wait. My backup file is 13gb. How was this resolved, were you brave enough to hit the ^C sequence and restart the restore? Hopefully looking for good news here. Thanks!

I let it run. The restore was

I let it run. The restore was completed after 2 days. So start it on a friday and it will be done by monday :)

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