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Mikrotik Hotspot Controller with 5500 WLAN controller and Lightweight AP's

Hi All,

We are working within a hospital environment to provide guest network access to patients through our hotspot access controller which is simply a RB1000 Mikrotik device. We have plenty of experience with these devices and they simply provide a UAM web portal which takes credentials and then passes them out to our RADIUS server. Traditionally we install our own AP's to provide the wireless connections, that are simply dumb bridges, passing all requests straight to our Hotspot Access Controller which handles everything - DHCP, rate limiting, RADIUS authentication relaying etc...

So, now we have a large hospital network which has a multitude of lighweight AP's all being handled by a 5500 WLAN contoller which we are going to leverage and use to pass all info straight through to our Access Controller - I hope!

There are multiple SSID's on each AP (we call these Virtual SSID's - not sure what they are in Ciscoan) and we have been allocated PUBLIC HOTSPOT for our hotspot clients to connect to. A VLAN has been configured for this traffic and all that appears to be fine.

Now we need to configure the 5500 WLAN Controller to pass all traffic from the AP's straight to our Access Controller...  I have had a look at the web GUI with the network guys at the site and we are trying to understand what is the best option here and if at all this can be configured. I can see in WLANS tab > Edit > Security > Layer 3 options there is a passthrough option which I was hoping might just pass off to our Access Controller? But that would be too easy huh? We only really ever work with pure bridged AP's passing all wireless traffic back to our Access Controller. Looking for similar method or best practice for the Cisco AP's.

Has anyone any thoughts whether this is in fact possible or are we wasting out time here? We will be getting a spare 5500 WLAN controller to test these settings with so I am in initial fact finding stage and looking for some advice on this...

Yours Greatfully,

Darryl Clarke

Easyweb Kiosk

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Re: Mikrotik Hotspot Controller with 5500 WLAN controller and Li

Assuming all you want to do is pass the Guest SSID traffic to your MT, all you have to do is create an interface in the controller and assign a vlan ID to that interface, then assign that new interface to the Guest SSID.  Once that is done the WLan controller will bridge the traffic from the Guest SSID to the new interface.  Then all you have to do is configure the port on the switch that is connected to the WLan controller as a trunk port and you can trunk that vlan into your network and route that traffic to your MT.

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