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Mobile Devices causing DHCP problems

We are running 2 networks consisting  of 4 controllers and about 200 AP’s. Our network is so heavy at times  1400 clients may be logged in at the same time. In the past few weeks we  have been experiencing problems with DHCP because of a growing number  of mobile devices search as Phones and tablets. Until todays date we  have been manually blacklisting unwanted clients from the network.  “Configure > Controller Template Launch Pad > Securely >  Manually Disabled Clients”. The problem now is that we have reached the  maximum allowed database entries of the controllers.
When we try to blacklist a new client we get the FAILURE REASONE “This template could not be applied as the maximum allowed database entries on the controller has been reached”

1. Does this mean that we have to buy new controllers?

2. Is it possible to extend the number of entries on the controllers?

2. Is there any other  methods of blacklisting unwanted mobile devices or keeping them out of  the network without changing our password and hiding the SSID?

Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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