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Mobile printer - roaming problems

We are starting to use mobile printers on our WLAN but the printers are losing network connectivity when roaming. The printers stay associated to the access point but lose network connectivity. We are using WPA2-PEAP. We are using autonomous Access Point 1230's and 1240's. And we are using a WDS. We're under the impression that the WPA2-PEAP takes too long for the printer when roaming but haven't been able to prove this since the printer does not lose associate. I should mention that we are running a number of other devices on our WLAN. The other devices roam without a problem and they use the same security. Any suggestions as to the possible cause and possible solutions.

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Re: Mobile printer - roaming problems

Dang! Tie those printers down!

My guess it the printers are not designed to roam and want to stay connected to the first access point they connect to. If you reboot the printer do it come back up correctly?

WDS only helps with EAP-FAST or PEAP when it comes to roaming.

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Re: Mobile printer - roaming problems

Roam a printer???

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Re: Mobile printer - roaming problems

Yes, roam a printer. Sorry for the very late response.

The printers print barcodes for warehouse bins that allow the bins/parts to be located in the warehouse later.

The printers do have to be rebooted in order to reconnect to the iSeries/AS400.

These printers are mounted onto forklifts along with wireless terminal devices.

Re: Mobile printer - roaming problems

An easy test is to create a PSK ssid and see if this helps your "roaming" printers.

If the printers are CCX / CCKM you can have some extended auth times. The radius server can take up to 500ms itself.

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