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mobility network-id


I got a trange issue.

On ap1242, if i configure mobility network-id on the SSID manager, I cannont anymore associate with clients.

On 1231, with the same configuration, all works fine.

Anyone had similar issue ? I tryed ( on 1242 ) to add and remove the "mobility network-id ..." several times, and I've seen that clients can associate only without that command. Have someone some documents that explain that behaviour ? is this a bug ?

Many thanks



Re: mobility network-id

Connectivity problems in a WLAN network can occur if you use the mobility network-id command incorrectly. You use the mobility network-id command in order to configure Layer 3 mobility in a wireless network. This command is meant to be used when the AP participates in a wireless domain services (WDS) infrastructure with a WLAN services module (WLSM) (that acts as the WDS device) where there is Layer 3 mobility.

Therefore, when an AP is configured as a WDS device, do not use the mobility network-id command.

If you use this command incorrectly, connectivity problems in the WLAN network result, such as:

Clients do not get IP addresses from the DHCP.

Clients cannot associate with the AP.

A wireless phone cannot be authenticated when you have a voice-over WLAN deployment.

So, if yur network uses AP as WDS, it doesnt have layer-3 mobility. So, this command will introduce unexpected results.

Refer the section "Usage of mobility network-id" section of ""

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