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Mobility tunnel flapping

I am trying to understand what this error could mean to determine if I really have an issue or not.

I have one mobility anchor connected to two foreign controllers. I have a mobility tunnel on one WLAN only. I get emails from our Prime management server saying the following...

Virtual Domain: ROOT-DOMAIN

NCS has detected one or more alarms of category Controller and severity Critical in Virtual Domain ROOT-DOMAIN for the following items:

1. Message: Controller '10.140.x.x'. All anchors of WLAN 'HopeNet' are down.

E-mail will be suppressed up to 30 minutes for these alarms.

I have not noticied any network disruption during this time, but have not been connected to the SSID when I get the emails. And usually, as soon as I get the 'DOWN' email, i get an 'UP' email. Also, they seem to occur at random times.

Any ideas to the meaning of this? Thanks.

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Mobility tunnel flapping

Hi Josh:

This would really be more of a wireless LAN controller/mobility anchor question than a Prime Infrastructure question.  Prime Infrastructure is just the management station, and is only emailing notifications because the wireless LAN controller is sending it [Prime Infrastructure] SNMP traps about the tunnel being up and down. 

The wireless LAN controllers use eping and mping to determine reachability between the anchor and foreign controllers.  If one of those tests fail, the wireless LAN controller will send the tunnel down trap.  Once they start passing again, the wireless LAN controller will send the tunnel up trap. 

What this means is that something in the network is causing the eping and mping to fail.  You may want to open a TAC service request against the anchor controller to have someone look at the mobility anchor status flipping.

Mobility tunnel flapping


- Make sure that all your configuration regarding the mobility is correct among all your WLCs.

- Make sure the mobility traffic (IP protocol 97 for DATA and UDP port 16666 for control) passing between your WLCs without interruption. (you may verify this with mping and eping from WLC CLI). If there is a firewall between WLCs verify that it did not block any of the mobility traffic.

- Make sure that all your mobility partner's status appear as "UP" on all WLCs.



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