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MRTG & LWAPP 1242 with Cisco 4402 Controller

Hi all,

For some time now I have been monitoring a number of sites with autonomous Cisco 1131AG AP's. These sites do not have a Controller, and I monitor them using MRTG, some NAT'ing and sticky tape!!!!

I now have a site that uses a 4402 controller, and LWAPP 1242 AP's.

My question is as follows.

1) Currently I poll each autonomous AP for its associated clients on each SSID using MRTG, but as the LWAPP is not configurable for SNMP individually I don't know whether to poll the controller or the AP. I have tried both on port 161 and am not getting a reply. The MIB's I use on the autonomous AP's are and

is there a different MIB on the 4402?

2) Do i poll the 4402? I have set up SNMP using v1 & v2 with the same public string and for the wildcard and enabled both SNMP versions.

Still  no joy.

I will continue browsing for answers, but if someone knows where I am going wrong in my approach please do point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance



Re: MRTG & LWAPP 1242 with Cisco 4402 Controller

You will want to poll the controller.  The AP doesn't run SNMP and it uploads all of its info to the controller.

You also will need the controller's MIBs.  They are different than the autonomous AP MIBs.

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