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Multiple Authentication methods

Is it possible to have a 1130AG configured to authenticate users throught PEAP/MS IAS and to authenticate users through a local client access list with the same SSID? I know you can with different SSID's, but I need everything to be on the same vlan.

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Re: Multiple Authentication methods

You can create same SSID multiple time with multiple authentication method, however, L2 security must be different. I believe this was available starting 4.0.


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Re: Multiple Authentication methods

Yong is correct, started with 4.0, but you have to also make sure your profile name is different. Why would you want to put them on the same vlan. If you have one ssid using peap and then you want to create another ssid on the same subnet for a lesser security method, it kind of defeats the security on the subnet. You might as well put the lesser security method on a different subnet. Just my opinion though.

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Re: Multiple Authentication methods

You're absolutly correct. I thought of that after I posted the question.

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