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Multiple LANs in same area

Does anyone have experience deploying 2 LANs in the same WLAN area. I have 2 groups of users in the same area and would like to give both groups WLAN access. I am assuming that an AP would be required for each LAN.

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Re: Multiple LANs in same area

Hi there!!

I have 4 different WLANs, on 4 different networks, spanning the same area!! 2 are for testing and 2 are in production.

One in the test, have MAC-filters ( What NIC should be allowed to attach ) and SSID. the other in test have different SSID, and it does not allow anyone, without the correct SSID, to attach. The two in prod, one is without SSID and the clients use a VPN-tunnel to connect, over a Firewall, to the network. The other, does only have SSID.

In Your case, I would suggest, that you give one SSID, to each of the groups, and configure the AP's to ONLY let clients with the correct SSID to Join. This is done by :

Log in to the AP, with a WEB-browser. Go to the Setup-page. Therafter You go to the lower part of the page, and click the "AP Radio Hardware". On the next page, on the top, You'll find a setting called " Allow "Broadcast" SSID to Associate?:" Set tis to NO!! Then noone, without the correct SSID, can Join the AP.

Good Luck!!!!!

Jan A. Larsne

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