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Multiple Passed Authentication logged on ACS 4.0

Hi Sir,

I have deployed a LWAPP-based wireless LAN recently in one of my customer office. Here is a brief description of the setup.

2 WLC 4404-100, one acts as a Pri Controller, the other as a backup. We have tested APs failover to the Sec WLC and vice versa. Dynamic Channel Assignment and Transmit Power Management is handled by the WLC. Most clients are laptop with built-in Wifi card. PEAP MS-CHAPv2 is enabled on all client. Machine Authetication is enabled too. ACS 4.0 as the authentication server. 3 SSID ae created on 802.11g radio module.

Attached is the Passed Authentication Logged on the ACS. I noticed there are multiple Machine Authentication for the same device, in fact each of the device in the network have multiple Passed authentication logged inside the ACS, I just captured some of it for your reference.

I would like to know what caused the reauthentication to happen. I understand that WLC is able to cache the user credential when he/she roams from one AP to another ( all APs are registered to the same WLC).

I did not enable any session timeout, idle timeout or reauthentication on the WLC or ACS.

May I know what is the cause of the reauthentication for the users/machines?

How can I ensure that only 1 entry of Passed authentication Logged for each user and machine? The logs are getting too big.

Thank you.



Re: Multiple Passed Authentication logged on ACS 4.0

With the controller deployment, clients do have to re-authenticate . The re-authentication should

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