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Multiple Passphrases for a Single SSID ?

We are getting ready to deploy a special SSID for handheld devices to be used on.

Is there any way to have multiple passphrases for a single SSID ?  The reason I am looking at this is that we may have users who come into one of our offices and may not have gotten/received the email advising of the passphrase change.  My hope would be that we could implement Passphrase A when we initially deploy the new SSID and then in say 3 months, change the password.  We would like to leave the Passphrase A active for about a week which should be sufficient time for them to change it and then we could delete Passphrase A, leaving only Passphrase B active.  In WEP there was something like this but I dont see this as an option in WPA2.  Unfortunately with some of the devices that I have looked at, WPA2 Enterprise isnt an option, so that is why I am looking at things from this perspective.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Cisco Employee

Re: Multiple Passphrases for a Single SSID ?

Hello Ronald,

No you cannot have multiple passphrase or WPA-PresharedKey for the same SSID.

Thank you,


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